Courtney Holton : Artist

Little Stones Project

November 3-5, 2017

Liberty Theater

Bend Oregon 

Born in 1961in Eugene, Oregon, Courtney started painting at a very young age. During his school years he developed an interest in photography, printmaking, and then abstract painting.

Today his work reflects a harmony between the disciplines of light and texture. His works are influenced by the paintings of Rothko and the environment that surrounds him.

Courtney Holton has shown his works in the US, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, and France. His paintings are permanently exhibited at the Gallery International "Expression Libre" in Pairs.

Courtney Holton is a spontaneous and warm human being.
His painting resembles him, he paints instictively projecting his emotions on the canvas with touches of color often bright.  

The way courtney superimposes color and his use of the transparency gives a special light to his works.

Sometimes dawn or twilight, and sometimes full sun.